McKeown has been supplying quality foundry products for over 20 years. Our scope of supply includes, but not limited to, the following:

• Electrodes
• Metallurgical and Foundry Grade Coke
• Carbon Blocks
• Furnace Brick
• Hot Metal Samples and Thermocouples
• Calorized Pipe

Electrodes McKeown has been working with suppliers to custom design electrodes for each customer’s specific needs. This is necessary since operating practices and conditions differ markedly from plant to plant. By careful design and manufacturing control, it is possible to successfully produce electrodes for specific conditions. Graphite electrodes are manufactured to uniform density throughout the cross section of the diameter. This results in lower current impedance, and yields higher rupture strength to achieve lower consumption. High density electrodes refer to vibrated product that ensures more even current distribution over the electrode cross section and, consequently, lower power consumption.

The above data are typical properties. The data is subject to reasonable variations in manufacturing and should not be used for specification purposes.

Metallurgical and Foundry Grade Coke

Carbon Blocks for Cupola Furnace