McKeown is a supplier of engineered quality consumables, like electrodes, for the metals industry. Scope of supply includes, but not limited to, the following:

• Electrodes
• Ladle Shrouds
• Stopper Rods
• Slide gates
• ICNS Sub Entry Nozzles
• Charge Materials
• Ingot molds
• Slag Pots
• Hot metal samplers and thermocouples
• Rolls for rolling mills


Ingot Mold

ElectrodesMcKeown has been working with suppliers to custom design electrodes for our Customer’s specific needs. This is necessary since operating practices and conditions differ markedly from plant to plant. By careful design and manufacturing control it is possible to successfully produce electrodes for specific conditions. Graphite electrodes are manufactured to uniform density throughout the cross section of the diameter which results in lower current impedance, and yields higher rupture strength to achieve lower consumption. High density electrodes refer to vibrated product that ensures more even current distribution over the electrode cross section and consequently lower power consumption.

Electrode Paste Electrode Paste is used in the metal melting process primarily in submerged electric arc furnaces typically in the nonferrous industry.

Ladle Shrouds

McKeown’s M-Cast Ladle Shrouds protect the steel stream from re-oxidation. Three formulations are available for various casting applications. M-Cast Ladle Shrouds can be reinforced with a higher quality material in areas that are immersed in the tundish bath for longer life. Argon injection can also be fitted into the ladle shroud for extra re-oxidation resistance. M-Cast Ladle Shrouds also have an oxidized bore for cold starting.

Stopper Rods

Stopper Rods are used to control the flow of steel from the tundish to the mold. Stopper Rods are isostatically pressed and offered in a range of alumina-graphite refractory materials. A special coating is applied on the surface to provide oxidation resistance and minimize decarburisation.

McKeown’s M-Cast Stopper Rods are designed and formulated to provide the steelmaker with low-cost operations and extended life. M-Cast Stopper Rods feature various compositions, reinforced tips and designs for gas purging.