Our Mission

The McKeown Group Mission Statement:

We will honor, to the full satisfaction of the client, every commitment made in respect to the products we supply, services we offer, in the market sectors we serve.

The McKeown Group are a series of multi-national, multi-disciplined companies with plant and office locations in the USA, China, South Africa, South America, Europe and Mexico. We market engineered products through our subsidiaries – McKeown International, Inc., M.I.G. Sales and Services (China, USA, South Africa), Empire Fabricators and Contractors, Mckeown Engineering Private ltd., etc. (See organizational chart.)

Focusing on Mckeown International Group, we supply our product line of manufacturing equipment, including iron and steel making equipment, refractories,  carbon products ( such as electrodes) to the steel and non-ferrous industries.

We supply furnace electrodes, all steel making refractories including black refractories and other metallurgical consumables. In addition to other engineered products, we provide a wide variety of raw materials … all proven quality products at very competitive prices.

McKeown International Group. also provides engineering, manufacturing/fabrication and construction services. Our engineering capabilities range from feasibility studies to computer-aided design of light structures. Our new manufacturing facility has state-of-the-art capabilities to fabricate a wide variety of products, such as light structural steel, roll formed sheet metal products, brake pressing, etc.

Having worked in the steel industry for over 30 years, I realize the best way to build confidence and a lasting relationship with a client is to make a commitment and then to honor that commitment. McKeown International, Inc. prides itself on accepting a challenge and meeting it with a successful and cost-effective solution.

We look forward to your challenge!

Patrick McKeown, President