Cored Wire

Secondary Steelmaking Cored Wire Application


Pure calcium solid cored wire, foreign steel plants used it for processing molten steel since 1970s. It has been widely used in the world nowadays. Especially a long with raise of thin plate continuous casting technology in 1990s, the advantages of the pure calcium solid cored wire has been recognized by most of well-known steel companies.

Cored wire is fabricated into a tubular wire with a calculated mixture of alloys uniquely blended together; such as CaSi, Carbon, etc. The blended mixture is then metered into the wire during the fabrication process, producing special alloy cored or flux cored wire in various diameters, depending on customers’ requirements and needs.

Cored Wire injection application has replaced the injective refractory lance powder injection method and proven to be integral feature in the secondary metallurgical treatment process where the advent of high-speed continuous casting and increased quality requirements calls for more stringent chemistry demands, shorter process time and exact process repeatability.

Cored wire is a product where powdered elements are tightly encased in steel sheaths and formed in round shape of various diameters, depending on the various requirements of the costumer and is supplied packed level-wound in steel cages.

Cored wire Is injected deep into the steel bath using a wire feeding machine, eliminating problems associated with alloying elements of low density and melting point, high toxicity and high affinity for oxygen and nitrogen.

Cored wire is well compacted, uniformity of powder mixes and controlled and homogeneous powder weight per meter.


  • Higher yields
  • Less fume emission
  • Solves handing of toxic and oxidized elements
  • Accurate and repeatable results
  • Lower gases pick-up


CaSi, café, Pure Ca, S Fe, CaAlFe, FeTi, S, FeB, FeSiMg, CaSiMg.