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McKeown International, Inc. is a multi-national company with its headquarters in the USA and a presence in Spain, India, Mexico, China, Canada, South America and South Africa. It owns refractory producing facilities in the U.S.A. China and distributes refractories from China and Asia to many parts of the world. The McKeown family wholly owns the McKeown Group of companies.

McKeown companies have been involved in the steel and metal industries for over 40 years. As a supplier of engineered products and services, McKeown companies provide a wide range of refractory and consumable products to the steel, foundry and non-ferrous industries.

China Office Team

Austin, Texas Office Team

McKeown International, Inc. has extensive experience in battery repairs, new battery construction, as well as pad-up rebuilds. Some projects have included:  Coke Plant, US Steel Clariton Works, Inland Steel, US Steel, China Steel, Shenango Steel, National Steel, National Smokeless Fuels, and Iscor Limited.

Previous projects include, but not limited to, fireclay and silica brick supply for a 6 meter battery in Africa, fireclay and silica brick supply for a 4 meter battery, turnkey engineering and supply of 2 complete sets of pusher, coal charging and coke guide machines for a 6 meter battery, reline refractories for a blast furnace, refractory supply for 4 complete stove relines. McKeown is also supplying products to the ferrous and non-ferrous industries in Iceland, Mexico, Africa, USA and Europe.